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Jobs and the Economy: Promoting Growth to Keep California Thriving

We need to get serious about creating better jobs so middle-class families can prosper, and Christy Smith has a plan to do it. Christy supports making smart investments in infrastructure, education, scientific research, and renewable energy to create sustainable jobs in our community that pay the mortgage. She believes we should do more to help small businesses and give people the career skills they need by making college and trade school more affordable.

California has led the nation in the economic recovery and we have retained our standing as a global economic powerhouse, creating more jobs and bringing in more venture capital than any other state.

However, more work remains in continuing to grow the economy to provide opportunity for better jobs, small business growth and development and educational opportunity to connect California’s workforce with the changing job market. 

We must continue to make life easier for small businesses, ensuring that regulations are focused on critical aspects of safety, and productivity, but are not financially and bureaucratically burdensome on California’s entrepreneurs.

Small businesses are the backbone of the California economy. More Californians than ever are self-employed. We should empower them, by cutting red tape, to hire, train, and innovate.

The foundation of a high functioning global economy is a reliable power, water and transportation infrastructure. The time is now, to prioritize moving California to a renewable energy grid, and assessing our water supply and planning for our water future. We must invest in transportation upgrades to continue to move the economy forward while freeing commuters from excessive and time-consuming traffic.

"Small businesses are the backbone of the California economy. We should empower

them to hire, train, and innovate." 

- Christy Smith

Public Safety: Keeping Our Communities Safe

"We need to work together to reduce emergency response times, and support our first responders."   - Christy Smith

As a school board member and mother of two daughters, Christy knows that keeping our children safe is a top priority. In the Assembly, she will work to expand youth violence prevention and after-school programs that keep kids in school and out of trouble. She will work to improve emergency response times and fight for our area's fair share of funding for firefighters and to give local law enforcement the resources they need to crack down on drugs, gangs, and violent crime.

Our public safety professionals face challenges like never before. State and local governments must partner with law enforcement and fire fighters to ensure that resources are available to meet the increasing demands of their jobs.

Changes in California law that re-classified some offenses and changed incarceration requirements have placed a burden on every local law enforcement agency and municipality, at a time when unfunded federal and state mandates and reductions in budgets have led to cuts in programs.  As California moves forward with regulating the sale of cannabis we must prioritize providing resources to law enforcement with those taxes.

California’s firefighters are heroes. They are the best in the nation at what they do, yet they are often under-resourced. As the climate continues to shift, our fire danger is greater than ever and we need to equip our professionals to respond.

All of our public safety professionals work hard to protect our quality of life, we owe it to them to ensure that they have what they need to do their jobs, live in our communities, and retire with dignity.

Education: Restoring Promise to Our Classrooms

Christy believes that a great education levels the playing field to give all of our young people equal opportunities. That's why she has dedicated her career to improving schools and giving every student a fair chance through her work as an education policy expert and as a member of the local school board. In the Assembly, she will invest in local classrooms, not bureaucracy; hire more teachers and reduce class sizes; prioritize after-school programs and job training; and make college more affordable.


California was once the Golden State for public education. Today, we are among the bottom in the nation for per pupil spending, and we need to tackle the challenges associated with that. My priorities for public education include:

  • Working to achieve nationally competitive K-12 per pupil funding that pulls California’s students out of the bottom 10%

  • Ensuring that California delivers promised investments in school infrastructure and technology

  • Expanding access to higher education, so that all our young people can afford to go to college

  • Increasing investment in vocational education and job training, so that young people have the opportunity to make their way into a middle class career

  • Continuing to support student achievement by supporting teachers

  • Restoring the promise of California’s higher education master plan by expanding capacity to meet demand across the higher education system and striving for statewide college affordability

"If we invest in our children's education today, we'll have a stronger community tomorrow.


I am committed to strengthening our public schools to give every student a fair shot at success."     - Christy Smith

Women and Families: Fighting for Family Values that Matter

"Every issue that impacts us and our community is a "women's issue".

No public policy discussion should take

place without women at the table."    

- Christy Smith

Christy believes it is vitally important that we fight for women's equality. She will protect women in the workplace by creating stronger policies that prevent sexual harassment and discrimination, ensure women receive equal pay for equal work, and protect victims of domestic violence. She will push for affordable quality childcare and pre-school, she supports paid family leave, and she believes women should be part of any policy discussion affecting women.

Our recent history demonstrates how much work remains in supporting women in every aspect of our lives. From workforce protections to education and economic opportunity, childcare, access to healthcare, and family leave we must continue to push on all fronts for equity and opportunity.

Fundamentally, every issue that impacts us and our community is a “women’s issue.” Health care access, public safety, our environment, education, a thriving economy and expanded opportunity are essential to women’s continued success. No public policy discussion should take place without women at the table and without consideration of the impact on women and families.

Women’s reproductive rights are fundamental to their federally assured individual liberty as well as their health and economic security. As such, attempts to limit women’s access to reproductive health care should not be tolerated in California, and California women must lead the fight to protect our rights at the federal level. That's why she's endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

And, California’s children are our most precious resource. We must honor that value by prioritizing prenatal health and healthy delivery programs, universal pre-school, safe and affordable child care, paid family leave, and restoring California’s world class education system.

Healthcare:  Keeping Our Families Healthy

Christy believes that more must be done immediately to help Californians, businesses small and large, and municipal governments, to contend with the rising costs of healthcare.

California needs to do the work of controlling the skyrocketing cost of health care, as well as prescription drugs. If we don’t slow the cost inflation of healthcare, it will serve as a drag on every other part of our economy.

We must conduct a state-wide assessment of health care access while expanding state higher education programs in all healthcare fields.

We must develop and fund a comprehensive workable solution to provide health coverage for every Californian.

"I'll work to make healthcare affordable

and accessible."    - Christy Smith

Climate & Environment: Protecting and Restoring Our Natural Resources

"  From my family to yours, we’re all in this         together. That’s why in the Assembly, I’ll fight

 for clean air and healthy neighborhoods."   

- Christy Smith

Our district is home to some of the greatest emerging environmental threats and challenges. Local, state and federal agencies have fallen short in their stewardship, so we have had to fight on our own. Christy has the knowledge and will to fight for us.

Christy recognizes that the Aliso Canyon gas facility leak is an ever-present and dangerous reminder of our need to transition to a renewable energy economy to protect our health and ensure a clean air future. The facility must be closed.

Our district is also home to three very large and growing landfills. We must move aggressively at the state level to regulate packaging and solid waste, rapidly increase recycling, and prioritize learning from other nations leading the globe in waste management.

The Santa Susana Field Lab and the Whittaker-Bermite sites require constant vigilance to guarantee that grounds are restored to statutory requirements and that community concerns and input have been placed as a high priority by every official responsible.

While California has led the nation in the fight against destructive climate change, the fight is far from over and we will retain our role as leader nationally and globally. We must invest in renewable energy like wind and solar to create good jobs and preserve our environment. Christy is ready to take on the job.