"Christy fired teachers and slashed their salaries"

In the 2018 Assembly race, Smith’s opponent criticized her for voting to “lay off” teachers and now her opponent in the congressional race is trying to mislead you, too.


The truth is that no teachers were actually put out of work.

Because of the economic recession, Newhall S.D. issued layoff notices to a total of 16 teachers in 2010. The teachers that received the notices were re-hired the following year when more state funding came through. 

There is a reason that every single organization that represents classroom teachers and school support staff who has endorsed in this race(1), has endorsed Christy Smith.  When California was hit hard by the Recession, the State Legislature made drastic cuts to school budgets, requiring school districts across the state to provide a notice to temporary classroom and physical education teachers.


While school boards around the state were forced to make hard choices, including working with the employee unions to agree to reducing the school year by 5 furlough days, Christy made sure that the Newhall School District preserved school services and class sizes because a bad economy shouldn’t stand in the way of our kids’ education. Every single staff member given a layoff notice was rehired when the Governor revised the state budget, partly due to advocacy by Christy and other school board members.


Real leaders can navigate through hard times when the going gets tough. Christy has gotten our schools through a hard time - she fought for our schools on the school board, she fights for our schools in Sacramento - and she’ll fight for us in Congress.

Education Awards

Christy Smith has been awarded several education honors for her exceptional record of fighting for public education and educators, including:

Classroom teachers spoke out against the misleading attacks on Christy Smith; to view their statement, click here.

Former Newhall S.D. Superintendent, Dr. Marc Winger spoke out against the misleading attacks on Christy Smith; to view his statement, click here.


(1) National Education Association, California Teachers Association, California School Employees Association (CSEA), California Federation of Teachers (CFT), Education Workers United.



"Christy voted to threaten jobs and retirement income" 

AB5 is a 2019 California bill signed into law, that added clarity for employers to the California Supreme Court Decision in the case known as Dynamex.


The law adds clarity for many specific industries that could have been negatively impacted by lawsuits because the court decision changed how certain employees are classified. AB5 makes the Dynamex decision more clear for the business community while still protecting workers as the court had intended in that decision.


Christy Smith has taken an active role as the California legislature continues to work on additional clarifying language for the law to support additional industries that still need more specific guidance like arts and entertainment, freelance journalists, translators and interpreters, and others. Here are key facts to know about AB5:


  • AB5 ensures that independent individuals who act as their own small business can continue to maintain their operations

  • Worker misclassification is a form of unfair competition. Many small businesses are directly threatened by the underground economy and by competitors that break the law. AB5 will make it easier to crack down on the underground economy and protect responsible small business owners and independent contractors.

When these protections are not in place, workers are denied protections they are owed:

  • minimum wage

  • unemployment and disability insurance

  • paid family leave

  • overtime

  • paid sick days

  • reimbursement for business expenses

  • safety protections

  • workers comp


Assemblywoman Christy Smith has called for a one-time tax relief measure in the state budget to help small businesses comply with AB 5. The requested tax relief is vital to ensuring support of California’s independent contractors taking the steps to protect their rights. The request includes a call for a $20 million budget allocation to help small community non-profit arts groups comply with the law.

At this moment in history, during the COVID19 crisis, it is more apparent than ever that workers suffer tremendous harm when there are no workplace protections in place. For any candidate to politicize this issue and the harm being done to countless California workers right now is unconscionable.

(1) AB5 Legislation (2) Asm.Smith seeks tax relief for businesses transitioning to AB5Asm.Smith makes AB5 updates a priority



"Christy has done 'nothing' about the pandemic" 

As Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management, and Assemblywoman representing the 38th District, Christy Smith has been and continues to be committed to serving the community in the midst of this crisis, providing information and resources to her constituents through both constituent services and legislation.


In January, Assemblywoman Smith introduced AB 1837 which provides schools with resources and support during emergencies and natural disasters.


In February, the assemblywoman introduced AB 2379 which would create an annual tax exemption holiday for certain emergency supplies.


In March, Christy voted to approve bipartisan legislation (SB 89 & SB 117) that relieves burdens placed on citizens impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, amending the 2019-20 budget and dispensing the 72-hour rule required by the California Constitution to provide:


  • $500 million for purposes related to the March 4, 2020 State of Emergency declaration; up to $1 billion at the Governor’s discretion with an additional $100 million to support Local Education Agencies;

  • A commitment to work with stakeholders to develop strategies to assist small businesses, individuals and non-profits experiencing economic hardship due to COVID-19;

  • Continued critical funding to local school districts during this emergency, and support for flexible learning options for students.

Additional key actions taken by Assemblywoman Christy Smith:

  • Christy immediately reached out to all in-district hospitals, city officials, school officials, and others to ensure they have the resources needed. Through her extensive bipartisan network, Christy successfully helped eliminate barriers to ensure swift support of our local communities;

  • Christy formed a partnership with LA Biz Fed, LA County and LA Federation of Labor to streamline PPE (personal protection equipment) for essential front line workers. She is one of 5 members of the 39-member LA County delegation to work on this partnership.

  • Christy personally secured 500 face masks and is distributing them throughout the district - the first 100 masks went to the SCV Senior Center for high-risk seniors, and Christy delivered a batch of 200 masks to the SCV Sheriff Station in support of local law enforcement personnel.  

  • Christy and her office connects constituents with critical resources to support their families and their businesses; Christy is personally involved with case work centered on getting people their unemployment claims, information on rental protection, and where and how to access additional support.

  • Christy has hosted two Tele-Town Halls*, plus a round table discussion*, with expert guests, focused on support resources; a third tele-town hall is scheduled for April 17th;

  • Christy connects weekly with her Assembly colleagues and Speaker Rendon, the Governor’s Office, the LA County Legislative Delegation, and The Women’s Legislative Caucus and Emergency Management Co-Chair Hannah-Beth Jackson. Together, they develop and implement thoughtful, robust, and successful response actions.

  • Christy personally volunteers regularly to support community efforts to help those in need such as providing meals to local seniors and families

  • Christy has donated her remaining Assembly campaign funds to support local nonprofits during the crisis, including: $5,000 to LAUSD’s feed families effort, $5,000 to Boys and Girls Club of SCV, and $10,000 is committed to LA Labor Federation for a Grocery give away for workers in northern LA County

  • Christy’s Assembly website and her campaign website each provide an extension list of resources where community members can find critical support and resources to help them navigate the COVID-19 crisis and the important stay at home orders to keep them safe.


Assemblywoman Smith's job as a representative of the 38th Assembly District during this crisis is her #1 priority. Misleading attacks by her opponent claiming otherwise are 100% false.


Christy doesn't have the luxury of taking a voluntary leave of absence from her full time job, nor would she attack others doing the hard work on the front lines of this crisis. Instead, Christy is on the front line of the crisis, focused on our communities.


California is believed to be leading the nation with its proactive COVID-19 response and has succeeded in bending the curve of infections. That is because Assemblywoman Christy Smith, along with the Governor, County Supervisors, Mayors, and community partners are working on a bipartisan basis, doing everything it takes to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Californians.

*Footnotes: Tele-Town Hall 1, Tele-Town Hall 2, Tele-Town Hall 3, Non-Profit Round Table