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October 12, 2018

Dear Editor:


If you’ve been following recent events in the news, you’ve seen that our elected officials do not seem to be representing a significant portion of their own constituencies . . . women.

Women represent over 50 percent of the population in California, and yet only 20 of our 80 California State Assembly members are currently female. However, women are fired up, and in the upcoming November election, there are a record number of women across the country running for office. This includes Christy Smith, who is running for the 38th Assembly District seat, which encompasses Simi Valley.

I have gotten to know Christy over the past couple of years, and have been consistently impressed by her leadership, strong work ethic and overall character. Christy started her career working for the U.S. Department of Education, and currently serves on the Newhall School Board. She is a passionate advocate for children and education, and has proven she can get things done. She served as chair of the successful Measure E Prop. 39 bond campaign for the Newhall district, which has provided $60 million in resources for facility and technology upgrades.

In addition, she is a champion for women’s rights. She believes women should be allowed to make their own healthcare decisions, should receive equal pay for equal work, and should have access to affordable healthcare. Having raised two strong, independent daughters of her own, she understands firsthand the issues women face in the workforce, and will fight for tougher anti-discrimination laws to protect them.

Studies have shown that women make great leaders because they value work-life balance, they are empathetic, they are great listeners, they are good at multi-tasking and they are excellent problem-solvers. These are all strengths that I have personally witnessed in Christy. I’m not voting for Christy Smith simply because she is a woman. I’m voting for her because I believe she is the best person to represent our community in the California Assembly. The fact that she is a woman is simply an added bonus.


Kristi Harn

Attorney at Law

Simi Valley, CA

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