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October 2, 2018

Dear Editor:


We've known about the correlation of burning fossil fuels and exacerbated climate since our Industrial Age, and it's since been confirmed by nearly 100% of peer-reviewed scientists. We’ve been measuring C02 levels since the 50s from glaciers dating back several ice ages, proving C02 levels never rose above 300ppm.  We're now dangerously above 400ppm.  


Despite overwhelming evidence our planet is warming exponentially, denial remains. Meanwhile, negative health impact grows -- a staggering 20% of children residing in Los Angeles county have asthma. 


We have an opportunity to act now before it’s too late by transitioning to renewable energy. By reducing pollution, our children will have cleaner air to play, and safer environment and future, but it will take all of us to get there. This starts by having tough conversations with friends and neighbors about the upcoming election. 


We must convince our neighbors to vote for officials who know the health and economic benefits of acting on climate. Christy Smith is running for State Assembly and is committed to implementing policies that protect us, while growing our economy with new sustainable jobs, and providing a healthier environment for generations to come.  


Please talk to your neighbors and vote for Christy Smith on November 6th.


Lane Semper

Climate Reality Project, Volunteer Leader

Los Angeles, CA


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