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October 26, 2018

Dear Editor:


California students are incurring massive amounts of higher education debt before they even have career prospects that offer hope to pay it. Higher education in California is becoming harder to afford, with tuition costs rising uncontrollably. The current Assembly is unwilling to work with the University of California (UC) regents to solve the problem. Instead, there is a surplus of partisan gamesmanship that only hurts the students and ultimately our economy in the long-term.

After an audit of the UC Office of the President found extra money, tension between the unaware Assembly and the regents has escalated. The state Assembly wants more oversight over the regents, while the regents need more state funds if the UC system is to stay affordable. The Legislature is having difficulty with oversight, so they do not want to raise the UC budget. Since the UC budget won’t be raised, the regents need to hike tuition to stay in the black.

This is the conundrum students found themselves in this year. Two bodies they don’t have control over were fighting with each other at the expense of the students.

This is why I support Christy Smith, both as a teacher and a mother. Christy stays above the partisan bickering and would like to see improved funding for the UC system so more students can afford to attend. Smith also proposes oversight mechanisms that help transparency moving forward.

Dante Acosta has stated he opposes tuition hikes and knew that the 2018 budget would stop the hike but still voted against it. Smith has a plan to stop tuition hikes and brings extensive experience and knowledge of education policy necessary to ensure all Californians can afford a quality higher education.

Let’s make that a reality Vote for Christy Smith on Nov. 6.


Jodie Cooper


Simi Valley, CA

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