A message from Christy Smith

April 6, 2020


Dear Neighbor,


These last weeks haven’t been easy for any of us. But through the tragedy and stress, our community has come together to help our friends, family and neighbors like never before.


Old and young, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. People from all over our community have shown that we have the strength to get through this together.


That kindness makes me so proud to be from this community and to work hard to make it a better place to live.


Our work isn’t about politics or political grandstanding. It’s about getting hospitals, healthcare workers, first responders, local non-profits and people in need the resources and support they need.


That’s what we should expect from our leaders all the time, not just in crisis. We need leaders who will bring people together – regardless of party – to focus on getting results for our community.


Obviously, the upcoming special election for Congress is not our top priority right now. Instead of knocking on doors and giving speeches, I’ve been working with local leaders, both Democrats and Republicans, to deliver desperately needed resources around our community. But that’s what you deserve - someone who will put politics aside to fight every day for you and our entire community.


I understand the challenges that so many people here face. I know what it’s like to lose a loved one because health care and medication are too expensive. I know what it’s like to possibly lose your home or not know where your next meal will come from.


That’s why my top priority in Congress will be getting our community through these challenges and come out of this crisis better and stronger. And I will work with people on both sides of the aisle to make that happen.


I hope you and your family are healthy and in good spirits through these difficult times.


Wishing you strength,