Bonnie Eaton | Smith Would Fight Climate Change

There is only one congressional candidate who would fight climate change. That’s Christy Smith.

As we continue to hear about more and more devastation caused by the California wildfires, it’s getting impossible to deny the existence of climate change. There is no reason why, according to the Air Quality Index, it should ever be hazardous to walk outside. Due to the several wildfires in our state, including the Bobcat Fire in the 25th Congressional District, the health of all of us is being put at risk in an increasingly dangerous time in America. That’s why we need leaders at the federal level to take on the corporate polluters, and that’s Smith.

Smith not only believes in climate change, but she also is dedicated to imposing legislation to heal our planet so we can continue living healthy lives – something that should be guaranteed for every citizen. She is the coauthor of the California Green New Deal in the state Legislature, has a 100% Sierra Club scorecard, and believes in harnessing clean energy infrastructure to create good-paying jobs.

Her opponent is backed by oil executives. Mike Garcia refuses to speak out against Donald Trump and his countless declarations denying climate change. It is irresponsible as an inhabitant of this planet to elect anyone who could stand with a climate change denier like Trump, and that is certainly what Garcia is doing. How can we be represented by someone who will not even acknowledge one of the most apparent and immediate threats in our district? 

Smith is committed to policies that could save our planet. She is willing and able to fight for our public health and safety. I would like to look forward to the rest of my life without having to worry about whether there will be a healthy world to live in at all. While Garcia is backed by those who are causing climate change-related destruction, Smith is backed by science and reason, and I am proud to be voting for her in the upcoming election.

Bonnie Eaton, Santa Clarita Valley Signal

October 7, 2020

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