Christy Doesn’t Take Money from Corporations or Lobbyists

Too often politicians promise to only work the people – not beholden to special interests - if we elect them to office. Sadly, that’s not how the story usually ends. Once elected, these same politicians become inaccessible, spend more time with lobbyists and corporate leaders than with their constituents, and toe their party’s line. When that happens, the people lose.

In the upcoming Special Runoff Election for the 25th congressional district, we have a chance now at a different ending.

Assemblywoman Christy Smith is running to represent us in Congress. In the State Assembly Christy has shown us that she’s no typical politician. With four decades of community and public service under her belt, Christy has proven it’s possible to stay grounded, be responsive to constituents, and govern effectively. Through community committees, Christy has brought together residents of all walks of life, small business owners, nonprofit leaders, and others to listen to their needs and concerns and translate that into thoughtful legislation and policy.

Christy Smith has worked with Republican, Democrats, and everyone in between to get the work done. She represents her constituents instead of playing partisan political games. It is for that very reason that I believe her when she says she will be an independent voice for our community in Congress.

Christy has sworn to never take a dime from corporate PACs or DC lobbyists and she is the only candidate to make that pledge. She truly is beholden to nobody but the people she’ll represent and that is exactly what makes Christy Smith so refreshing.

If you’re ready for a leader who puts people over politics and gets the hard work done for our community, then I urge you to vote by mail for Christy Smith for Congress by May 12th.

Tiffany Countryman

Antelope Valley

Published in the Antelope Valley Press

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