Christy Smith: The Experienced Leader We Need

Let me be frank about the May 12 special election to fill our House seat in Congress. We need an experienced leader who is already tackling the COVID-19 crisis and has always protected our well-being.

Our district needs someone in Washington who understands the challenges we face, not only from this pandemic, but from a government too long left in the hands of those who preach capitalism for us and socialism for the 1%.

Christy Smith is our state Assemblywoman. She has diligently tackled our current crisis with funds for our medical facilities and educational institutions.

Christy also brings her life experience to her political decisions. After her mother tragically passed away from not being able to afford her medication, Christy vowed to protect and build on the Affordable Care Act by creating a public option.

She vows to make sure Medicare and Social Security are solid and stronger than ever because their funding carries life and death consequences. Her opponent only promises to repeal the ACA and cut Medicare funding so the wealthy and corporations do not have to pay their share of taxes.

Once the nation overcomes this terrible health and financial crisis, we will need a representative who understands budgets, relationships between all levels of government, working with various parties, and acting with compassion.

Christy’s work in Sacramento has already secured continued funding for our medical and educational facilities. She is coordinating with Gov. Gavin Newsom to make sure that sheltering-in-place is effective and that essential workers are protected. They have kept infections and deaths significantly low.

Her experience on the Newhall School District board during the Great Recession means she can get the nation back on its feet quickly. To contrast, her opponent has no legislative competence and only boasts his loyalty to a president who has left us to fend for ourselves.

Have no doubt, this special election will have consequences. We can elect Christy Smith and be sure that her heart and determination will carry us in a direction to rebuild. This is a time to rely on experience and integrity.

Christopher McAdamis Simi Valley

Published in the Simi Valley Acorn

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