Freelancers Support Christy Smith for Congress

How out-of-touch is Mike Garcia? I see him and his supporters attacking Assemblymember Christy Smith over — wait for it — a new law called AB-5 that actually provides sick leave, healthcare and employment protection to California workers.

I know political campaigning is a bare-knuckle business, but Garcia is throwing wild punches, and largely clobbering himself. Does he know there is a pandemic sweeping the world, and that healthcare and sick leave and employment benefits are among the most precious things to workers now?

Yes, there are some creative workers in writing and music (like me) who prefer not to be included in this law, but Smith is working to adjust it for them, too.

Corporations will always try to offer as little compensation and benefits to workers as possible. This law orders them to do better. Garcia tells you he is looking out for the “little guy” but he’s really looking out for mega-companies like Raytheon, where he was paid over $470,000 a year.

You think he cares about gig workers or journalists? No. He cares about letting companies get away with using and abusing workers however they see fit. Garcia is a corporate shill whose intentions are as bad as his suits. AB-5 was designed to protect workers who had no one standing up for them.

Smith is advocating changes and adjustments to the law to protect more workers who feel it doesn’t fit them. She wants to hear from everybody about what further alterations are necessary.

What we don’t need is Mike Garcia using workers to swat away protections that his big-money donors don’t like. Don’t fall for his tricks. Vote for Christy Smith for Congress on May 12.

Leanna Brand

Freelance Musician Simi Valley, CA

Published in the Simi Valley Acorn on April 24, 2020

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