Garcia is Out of Touch on Healthcare. Smith Will Fight for Us.

Over the past several weeks our community and our country has endured the growing effects of the Covid-19 virus. All of our lives have been disrupted in some way - from sheltering in place to having work hours cut by our employers or losing a job altogether, to knowing someone infected with the virus, died from the virus, or being infected yourself.

Public health data indicates things will get worse before it gets better. And we have learned that this disease can strike anyone, not just the elderly. Statistics from VC Emergency Sunday’s report (4/19/2020) shows that 9.9% of all cases are impacting people under age 24.

Now more than ever, access to quality healthcare is critical to ensure the safety and welfare of the residents of Simi Valley. With the Special Congressional election around the corner on May 12th, we must carefully evaluate the views of the candidates running for the job.

Assemblywoman Christy Smith pledges to defend the protections provided to those with pre-existing conditions, supporting a public option choice for affordable, quality healthcare people can subscribe to, while maintaining funding for programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Mike Garcia wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act which protects those with pre-existing conditions, and supports hyper-partisan legislation that would cost countless residents their healthcare at this critical time. He has even gone as far as to say “people need to fend for themselves” at a time when the expected death toll from the virus will be in the hundreds of thousands.

It is clear, Garcia is out of touch with the needs of our district in the midst of a public health crisis.

Christy Smith will fight for affordable and accessible healthcare, with real, practical solutions.

On or before May 12th vote for Christy Smith for Congress.

Mary Platt

Simi Valley

Letter published in the print edition of the Simi Valley Acorn.

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