We Need Christy Smith in Congress

Updated: May 2, 2020

By Alan Stokes of Simi Valley....

One cannot express enough the importance of our special May 12 election in the 25th District.

I enthusiastically supported Katie Hill and thought she would prove to be a significant factor in our political system moving forward.

My utter disappointment in her choices and situation does not deter me from throwing every ounce of support I can muster behind Christy Smith. One cannot simply dismiss Christy Smith because she happens to be from the same party as Katie Hill. Christy has more experience and will prove to be an even bigger asset in Washington.

With our stay-at-home mandate we are relegated to being exposed to campaigning through the mail and social media. I am extremely disappointed in the seemingly relentless malicious attempts by the Republican opponent to disparage Smith’s work and reputation. They are spending a fortune to drag Christy through the mud.

Everywhere you turn is an ad denigrating Christy Smith. Don’t believe the garbage. It is the same garbage that is being used on a national level to impart lies, misinformation and innuendo.

We need Christy Smith. We need everyone to vote. Please mail in your ballots. Talk to your families and friends and be sure everyone votes. This election is critical and a precursor to what we have to see happen in November in order to save our country from the devastation we have already seen as a result of inept leadership.

Please Vote. Vote Christy Smith in May and again in November. Our future depends on it.

Alan Stokes Simi Valley

Published in the Simi Valley Acorn

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