Who’s he [Garcia] running for?

When politicians show us what they stand for, or against, we should pay attention — especially about critical programs we rely on to survive volatile times, like now.

Republican Mike Garcia has made his views on healthcare clear. He hopes to follow in Knight’s footsteps, vowing to vote to repeal the Affordable Care ACT (ACA), while offering no alternative plan.

If Garcia gets elected and fulfills his promise, he will strip healthcare coverage from millions of Americans, including those with pre-existing conditions relying on the law for protection ... Americans like myself.

Republicans have had over a decade to come up with something better, yet they haven’t.

That’s not all Garcia wants to take away from our most vulnerable community members.

When asked if he supports food stamps, in a recent interview on The Talk of Santa Clarita, Garcia responded “No, everyone should have to figure out how to fend for themselves.”

On Medicare he responded “at some levels,” even though it’s the main source of medical coverage for seniors and disabled Americans.

On Medicaid, a program that covers one in five Americans with low income and nearly half of all children with special healthcare needs such as medical and developmental disability care, Garcia said “I’m not a big fan of that.”

If Garcia isn’t for the poor, the sick, the disabled children, or the elderly, who exactly is Mike running for?  Let’s not risk getting an answer we will regret. Please vote for Christy Smith by May 12th.

Matthew Wheeler


Letter published in the Antelope Valley Press on May 5, 2020

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