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October 21, 2018

I think we can all agree that today’s politics are far too polarized.  I hope that we can also all agree, that those of us who were raised to be moral and respectful know that lying is wrong.  Lying has no place in our politics as it diminishes the constructive aspects of debate, threatens trust in our institutions of government and the people who are elected to serve us, and it sets a horrible example for our children.

While I have tried to stay above the fray and lead an issue and values-based campaign, I think the time has come to set the record straight on my opponent’s lies about me and positions he claims are mine.  As we enter the closing weeks of the campaign my opponent is airing radio, and TV ads and sending mailers that state four things as a matter of fact, which are in fact only his and his consultant’s fictions.

First, he falsely claims that I support a plan in favor of multi-billions of dollars in new taxes. (Yes, billions with a “B”).  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I have said publicly, on the record numerous times, that California cannot tax its way out of its challenges.  We must create a business-friendly state, create better paying jobs and grow our way to a better economy.  What my opponent references is a letter to the editor I wrote during the Great Recession, in support of an emergency tax extension which prevented massive and harmful cuts to the state’s K-12 school system at the time.  I was doing my job as a school board member to save local jobs and look out for the best interests of our community’s children. 

Second, my opponent claims that I support weakening Proposition 13. I have never expressed an inch of wiggle room when it comes to protecting homeowners: I support full protection of homeowners’ Prop 13 rights, and to suggest otherwise is an unfounded smear. I oppose any changes that would weaken Prop 13, and countless mailers and advertisements have misrepresented my position here.

Third, my opponent claims I have a “radical” plan to have taxpayers fund campaigns.  There is nothing radical about what I support when it comes to campaign finance.  I want to see democracy returned to the people and out of the control of special interests.  I favor overturning the Supreme Court Decision, Citizen’s United which has allowed unlimited dark money in our political system.  I favor shorter campaign periods, so you aren’t bombarded for months on end with campaigning.  I also strongly support full and accurate campaign disclosures, so you know exactly who is funding political campaigns to help you make an informed decision.  Some cities and states have explored variations of private and public financing of campaigns and I would support any that prove to return power to the voter, and stop the waste of resources in the current system.  All of the money that is spent on campaigns could be put to much better use, on increasing access to healthcare, solving our transportation and housing crises or funding our schools.

Fourth, my opponent is running a preposterous ad saying that I would allow “DMV bureaucrats” to choose your doctor. I have never come out in favor of any kind of plan that would let the government pick your doctor – I believe in a nuanced, bipartisan approach that expands access and affordability of healthcare.  

I have insisted that my campaign concerns against my opponent are based upon his actual votes, positions he’s taken, and public statements he’s made – verifiable in public records. 

That’s the level of respect I have shown him and our voters.  My opponent’s abuse of the truth and willingness to say anything to get elected is alarming. 

I’m calling on Dante Acosta to STOP THE LIES.  Dante Acosta, our voters deserve better.


Christy Smith

PS:  Our voters deserve to have the truth. We're tracking our opponent's fictional claims and voters can Get the Facts right here.