The International Association of Fire Fighters

"The International Association of Fire Fighters is proud to endorse Christy Smith for Congress. As Chair of the State Assembly's Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management, Christy has partnered with California's fire fighters to ensure that we have the tools and resources we need to combat wildfires and keep the public safe. Our fire fighters, paramedics and emergency responders support Christy Smith because Christy Smith has supported us. She is battle-tested, effective and ready to serve the people of the 25th District."

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California Federation of Teachers

"Given her extensive experience from the U.S. Department of Education to the PTA board, to her service as President of the Newhall School Board to the California State Assembly, Christy has been a champion for students, teachers, school employees, parents and local communities. Most importantly, Christy has worked tirelessly to ensure that local public schools are fully funded.  As a Newhall School Board Member, Christy worked to secure more than $60 million in funding to improve facilities and upgrade technology in local schools.  In the State Legislature, Christy has been a dedicated leader for public schools, fighting to invest more in local classrooms and ensure that charter schools are properly regulated. We know she'll be a bold force for students, teachers, and school workers in Washington, and we’re proud to support her.”

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LA County Federation of Labor

“The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor is proud to endorse Assemblywoman Christy Smith in her run to represent the working families of California's 25th Congressional District. Christy has always been a champion for working women and men whether as a community leader, President of the Newhall School Board, or as a member of the California State Assembly. Working people need representatives like Christy in Congress standing shoulder to shoulder with them in the struggle for fair wages, worker protections and hard won benefits. That is why today we are announcing our full and unanimous support for her campaign.”

afscme logo.png

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees 

“Under the current administration, public employees have seen their hard-earned rights and benefits come under attack. As someone who has advocated for working people her entire career, we know the 1.4 million members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, who make our government run, can trust Christy to fight on their behalf day in and day out. We are proud to endorse Christy's campaign to serve the California 25th District in Congress and look forward to working with her to serve the interests of working women and men across the country."


NARAL Pro-Choice America

“Voters sent a clear message in 2018 when they flipped this district blue and sent a Democratic majority to the House. Christy Smith has shown she will fight for the vast majority of Americans who believe women should be able to make their own decisions about pregnancy with the support of those they love and trust. We’re proud to endorse her for this crucial seat.”

NOWPAC_green (1).png

National Organization of Women

"With wide ranging grassroots support from across the progressive coalition, Christy Smith is a fearless advocate for women and the only candidate with a proven record of fighting for the issues that so deeply affect our female membership throughout California. We look forward to Christy representing the CA-25 in Congress and working with her hand in hand on passing legislation that closes the gender pay gap, enacting a commonsense family leave policy, and protecting reproductive freedom."


Equality California

“Christy Smith is an outstanding ally and champion for the LGBTQ community. In Sacramento, she’s fought to lower the cost of healthcare and make our schools safe and supportive for all students. We’re confident she’ll do the same in Washington and are proud to support her campaign for Congress.”

Sierra Club Color cropped.png

Sierra Club

“The Sierra Club enthusiastically endorses Christy Smith for Congress. Christy Smith is a proven environmental champion, having earned a 100% voting record on our scorecard as our Assemblywoman. We need a leader who will protect our air, water and land from pollution and stand up to preserve our public lands. We need a leader who will stand for environmental justice. We need a leader who will address climate change by segueing off fossil fuels and promoting clean energy technologies and transportation solutions. We need Christy Smith, a balanced, thoughtful, fact-based, experienced leader.”

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California League of Conservation Voters

“Having faced multiple wildfires just this year, California’s 25th Congressional District is on the frontlines of climate change. It’s critical that we send a leader to Congress from this district who understands the science behind this crisis and who is willing to lead the charge to combat it head on. State Assemblywoman Christy Smith is that candidate. Christy Smith has been a bold force in the state legislature when it comes to ensuring clean air and water, while also prioritizing renewable, clean energy production to protect our environment. We need Christy Smith in Congress and that’s why the California League of Conservation Voters is proud to endorse her.”

Brady logo.png

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

“As a mom, PTA leader, school board member and State Legislator, Christy Smith has worked to address and prevent gun violence in her community and in California. She understands the scope of this epidemic, which is why she has led on this issue. It’s also why Brady is proud to endorse her candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives. From expanding and strengthening background checks on gun purchases, banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, as well as implementing more comprehensive extreme risk protection order laws, we know that Christy will fight tirelessly to enact common-sense gun safety policies that are already supported by a bipartisan majority of Americans. We need her voice in Washington. We have seen over 30 school shootings in 2019 alone, including last month’s shooting at Saugus High School that killed two students. Christy understands that voters in California’s 25th district, and indeed all over the United States, want action on these issues to keep our communities and our children safe. We know Christy will not stop fighting to make that happen. We must send her to Washington.”

DAA cropped.png

Democratic Alliance for Action of Santa Clarita

“Christy Smith has lived in this community for 39 years. She’s on the ground, in the district, and has built up a long track record of fighting for our communities and our people. Moreover, she shares our values of inclusion, compassion, equality and embracing diversity. These are characteristics that we expect of our leaders and it’s why we are proud to endorse Christy Smith for Congress.”


National Education Association & California Teachers Association

“The members of the National Education Association are excited to endorse Christy Smith for Congress because we know she will fight tirelessly for students and educators throughout the country, as she’s been a champion for them throughout her life. Christy’s extensive background in public education and her strength of character will make her a powerful advocate for all students, from preschool to grad school. On her local school board, Christy led the way in passing over $60 million in school funding for her district, and in the Assembly, Christy’s pushed forward great ideas to tackle California's biggest education challenges.  We know she'll be a bold force for students and teachers in Washington, and we’re proud to endorse her."

csea logo.jpg

California School Employees Association

“Christy Smith is the clear choice for students and school employees, and CSEA is proud to endorse her congressional campaign. Her background as a California Assemblywoman and as a federal education policy expert provide her with the skills and knowledge to be a champion for public schools in Washington, DC. We know Christy will make the 25th District proud by working to invest in public-school classrooms to improve educational opportunities for every child in this country."


Service Employees International Union (SEIU) State Council of California

“Our members need a proven leader who will fight for them in Congress. State Assemblywoman Christy Smith has a history of fighting alongside the women and men who make up SEIU California. She's joined us in the movement to create more good jobs, better wages and benefits, protect healthcare, expand equality, workers' rights, and stronger workplace protections. That's why SEIU California State Council is proud to announce our enthusiastic support for Assemblywoman Christy Smith for Congress. We know we can count on Christy to be a champion for working families in Washington."



“The members of UNITE HERE Local 11 are proud to support State Assemblywoman Christy Smith for Congress because she doesn’t just give lip service to working class issues, she actually walks the walk. Throughout her career in public service, including her time as a union leader, Christy has stood up for working men and women, whether it’s advocating for livable wages, investments in job-training programs, workers' rights, or more good paying, family-sustaining jobs. We know that in Congress, Christy will be unafraid to take bold positions on behalf of working class families, and we look forward to helping her get elected.”

emily's list.png

EMILY's List

“Christy Smith is a dedicated public servant who has what it takes to win this special election, and EMILY’s List is proud to endorse her for Congress. As a former school board president and education policy expert, Christy is a strong advocate for increasing funding for public education in the State Assembly. She is committed to protecting and expanding access to quality, affordable health care, including mental health and substance abuse services. Christy cares deeply about expanding economic opportunity and making sure all Californians have a fair chance to succeed."


National Women's Political Caucus

“The National Women's Political Caucus is proud to endorse State Assemblywoman Christy Smith for Congress.  During her first term in the Assembly, Christy was a bold, visionary and forward-thinking leader shaping major issues in the state legislature, particularly when it comes to advancing equality and protecting women's rights. We thank Christy for once again taking the courageous step to run for higher office and for her continued leadership and commitment to NWPC's mission to advance gender parity and protect women's reproductive freedom. We need Christy’s effectiveness and leadership in Congress, and look forward to supporting Christy in her campaign and beyond."

HRC logo.jpg

Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

“Christy Smith has a demonstrated track record of standing up for LGBTQ people throughout her history in public service. As a former school board president, Smith brought her unique experience to the California Assembly and became a champion for LGBTQ students. HRC is proud to endorse her bid and will work to ensure she joins the pro-equality majority in the House of Representatives.”


League of Conservation Voters

“Christy Smith is a leader that Californians can rely on to fight to protect clean air and water and help solve the climate crisis. As a state legislator and community leader, Smith has always put the health and safety of her constituents first and foremost. She helped lead the fight for more resources to help combat wildfires and to continue California’s leadership on transitioning to clean energy for all. We are proud to endorse her for Congress because we know that she will be a strong advocate for equitable climate solutions that help our communities and environment.”


End Citizens United

“As an Assemblywoman, Christy Smith has been an advocate on behalf of California families, helping to secure access to education and healthcare. In Congress, Christy will continue to get results to make a real difference for her community. Christy is rejecting corporate PAC money and federal lobbyist money because she will continue to fight for Californians in Congress, just like she’s done her entire career. Christy Smith is the best person to keep California’s 25th Congressional District blue, and we’re proud to endorse her.”


California Young Democrats

"The California Young Democrats are proud to endorse State Assemblywoman Christy Smith for Congress. She has demonstrated not just an ability to deliver for the people she represents - but that she is a strong voice, a fighter and a champion for young people, women, working families, seniors, immigrants and the people of California's 25th District. There is no candidate more qualified or better equipped to lead the charge in Washington for CA-25 on issues ranging from healthcare to education to equality, our environment, and more. We plan to do everything we can to ensure Christy Smith wins this race."


Simi Valley Democratic Club

“Christy Smith’s proven leadership and commitment to our community is unparalleled. She is running a people-powered, grassroots campaign to give voice to the people of the 25th district. No other candidate rivals her effectiveness or her devotion to the people who live in CA-25. Christy Smith is by far the best person to be our voice, our fighter and our champion in Congress. These are just a few reasons why the Simi Valley Democratic Club is proud to enthusiastically endorse Christy Smith for Congress.”



U.S. Senator Kamala Harris

"I am proud to endorse Christy Smith for Congress. In the State Assembly, Christy has been an effective leader and a fearless voice for the people she represents. I know Christy will do the same in Congress -  working to enact tougher gun safety laws, combat the climate crisis, fully fund public schools, invest more in emergency response and public safety, lower the cost of prescription drug prices and build an economy that works for everyone."


California Governor Gavin  Newsom

"We need Christy Smith in Congress. She's proven herself as an effective leader for the people she represents. From addressing our increasing wildfire threat to investing more in our public schools, creating middle class jobs, making healthcare more accessible and affordable to combating our climate crisis and enhancing emergency response - Christy has shown that she knows how to bring people together to solve problems and get things done. I am proud to endorse Christy Smith."

Bass cropped.jpg

Congresswoman and Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Karen Bass

“In these challenging times and with so much at stake, it’s critical that we protect the gains we've made on behalf of working families, women, young people and seniors in the peoples' House in 2018.  I believe that Christy Smith is the best choice to keep CA-25 blue. She has proven herself as an effective leader in her community, as well as a voice for progress and positive change. We need Christy Smith in Congress and I’m excited to endorse her." 


California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond

“I’m thrilled to endorse Christy Smith for Congress, because it is critical that we have well-informed and courageous leaders in Washington who are committed to improving our public education system. During her brief but effective time in Sacramento, I’ve seen Christy’s immense dedication to her community and innovative thinking to improving local neighborhood schools firsthand. I know Christy will be a powerful voice for students, parents and local educators in Congress, and I look forward to helping her get elected.”

feinstein pic.jpg

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

"I am proud to endorse Christy Smith for Congress. As someone who has lived in this district for 39 years, raised a family, served on the local PTA, as president of the Newhall School Board and who is currently representing the people of this region in the California State Assembly, Christy Smith has the background, experience and leadership skills that the people of the 25th Congressional District need working on their behalf in Washington. We need her effectiveness and proven problem-solving skills in Congress."

giffords extra.jpg

U.S. Congresswoman (Ret.) &

Founder of Giffords PAC

"No state has done more to fight the gun violence crisis than California. At the local, state, and federal levels, gun safety champions have fearlessly stood up to the gun lobby and sought to pass solutions to end the crisis. Leaders like Christy Smith have what it takes to bring California’s lifesaving victories to Washington DC. The NRA’s campaign cash is no match for their resolve to bring change to Congress. Americans are rising up and demanding leaders who understand that action on the gun violence crisis can't wait. Christy Smith is ready to respond and that’s why we are proud to endorse her for Congress."

Becerra image.jpeg

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra

“Protecting Californians is my top priority. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Christy Smith for Congress. In the California state legislature, Christy has fought to ensure our first responders have the resources they need — and the health and retirement benefits they deserve. In Congress, I know Christy will continue to fight to prioritize public safety, reduce the costs of healthcare, and always protect Social Security and Medicare. The hardworking families in California’s 25th congressional district need a proven fighter in Washington — and that’s Christy.”


State Senator Henry Stern

"Christy Smith is uniquely prepared and profoundly qualified to serve as the voice of the people in the 25th District in Congress. She's battle-tested, but more importantly, Christy is deeply connected to the communities of the district on the ground. Plus, her experience is unrivaled. Christy Smith doesn't just talk about addressing the climate crisis or improving public safety or fully funding public schools or standing up for working families - she's done the work - on the Newhall School Board and in the State Assembly. For these reasons among others, I am very proud to endorse Christy Smith for Congress."