Christy Smith

A leader from the district for the district

Christy Smith has been living in Santa Clarita for nearly 40 years, has a husband and two daughters, and grew up being taught that life is about public service and doing the most good for the most people.

Christy Smith has dedicated much of her life to improving schools, classrooms, and opportunities for students here. She started her career at the U.S. Department of Education, working to root out waste so more funding would get where it was needed in the classrooms. Then, while her two daughters were in public school here, Christy saw that our public schools didn’t have access to the technology kids need to learn to succeed in today’s economy. So, she founded the Valencia Valley Technological Education Foundation that worked to connect schools to the internet and put computers in classrooms, to give students access to experts and learning resources all over the world.

When COVID hit, Christy Smith worked with other community leaders in both political parties to get seniors food and masks, help people access unemployment benefits, connect small businesses with loans, and get more protective equipment. Now she’s focused on how to get California’s economy safely back on track. And recently, when that meant standing up to her own party to vote against taxes on small businesses and families, she did it without hesitation – even as fellow Democrats turned on her for putting taxpayers before party.

Christy doesn’t take a dime from Washington lobbyists, special interests, health insurance companies or big drug corporations. She’s seen how the health care system failed us first-hand when her mom, a lifelong nurse, died too young because she couldn't afford her medication and was too proud to tell her family. In Congress, Christy will ensure families in her community have affordable health care and prescription drugs, and don't have to suffer like hers did.

Working hard for your family

and our community.

Later, she ran for public office, in part because she saw how schools were failing our students and our economy. She fought for increased accountability and transparency in the state’s schools. And worked to help more students afford higher education, like community colleges and nursing schools. Nursing school helped Christy’s own mother build a life for herself and her children after leaving an abusive situation. Christy went to that same community college as her mom before attending UCLA and knows the power of education to build a strong middle class.

In the state legislature, Christy delivered for the district – securing millions of dollars for local colleges, childcare and health care clinics, and senior centers. She also fought to pass a groundbreaking paid family leave for new parents and caregivers, wrote the law to compensate victims of human trafficking so that they have a chance to rebuild their lives and co-authored a law that ensures first responders have mental healthcare covered in their workers’ compensation policy.